Saturday, August 30, 2014

Very Successful Seminar Today

Even if this is the first seminar that financePH has sponsored, we are elated of the success of the event. 

Thank you attendees for the very successful learning session on savings and investment ratio, fundamental analysis, cash flow and debt management today August 30.

We will be announcing our future seminar schedule soon. Its going to be more exciting!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Innocent Perspective about Life Insurance.

My Innocent Perspective about Life Insurance.
by Noriel De Ocampo, CPA

Over the years, I don’t have so much idea of what products life insurance companies areoffering. All I know is the one taught to me in school about traditional life insurance policies in which a person pays a certain amount of money over a period of time and his beneficiary will get the large amounts of proceeds on the demise of the policyholder. This concept of life insurance made me believe that its benefit is only felt by the ones left by the deceased.

But I was amazed by the fact that the insurance industry is now also into investments. This made me more interested since I love to invest. I became more interested when Mark, a good friend of mine introduced to me some of the investment programs that their company is offering.

This made me Google and research about this what they called Variable Universal Life or VUL products.

How I Got My First Life Insurance.
As we had our conversation, I really felt the concern of Mark with regards to my finances. He started our talk by asking me what are my priorities in lifeI just told him I need a lot of money to help my family and to buy all the things I want. Then, he made me realized the importance of life insurance and saving at the same time. He taught me different ways on how I can discipline myself so that I can manage well my funds for my future retirement. He even asked me to monitor my daily expenses so that I can trace where my money goes. He then introduced me a savings program that allows me save up for my future in a disciplined and systematic way (Investment) plus an assurance that my family is financially secured when I am no longer around (Life Insurance).

Based on my understanding, here is how this investment program works. Part of the premium that I will pay will go to investment and the other one is life protection. For Investment, it has a broad fund selection so I have the freedom to allocate my premiums to Equity, Growth, Fixed Income and Balanced Funds. He advised me that if I am planning for long term, it is better if I put my funds in either Growth or Equity Fund. In years time, I can use the fund for whatever purpose I may need it, say for my child’s education or retirement. The other feature of this program which is the life protection assures my family for a fund that they can use when I’m gone. Also, you can attached a dreaded disease rider which is a supplementary benefit that provides a lump sum amount which can be used for treating a critical illness including cancer, stroke major organ failure etc.

Indeed, this investment program really fits my need so I got my first life insurance. I thank Mark for introducing me this kind of program that will surely be of big help to me in the years to come.

Life Insurance Agent: A Noble Profession.
I am now a certified believer of life insurance. In fact, I already joined the industry to provide advice to people how to have sound financial planI want to impart to everyone the importance of having life insurance and the benefit it may provide to us. We of course don’t want that our hard earned money would just be eaten up by bills we may incur if we got sick. As much as possible, we want our family to enjoy the fruits of our laborIt is good to feel that I can help people prepare for life's uncertainties and give peace of mind knowing that thefuture of those who rely on them is secure.

So if you believe life insurance will benefit you and your family contact me at 09358999556 or and let us look at your life insurance options. Look for
Mr. Noriel A. De Ocampo, CPA
(Financial Adviser-Insular Life)